What is an EAP?

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What is an EAP?

EAP is a benefit that your employer provides to you to assist in dealing with life’s challenges and help balance work and personal life. The core services include:

      -Problem solving services. Everyone experiences problems from time to time and professional assistance can often help. RIESOLVE helps people resolve issues in a variety of areas including: stress management, drug and alcohol abuse, communication and conflicts, marital and family difficulties, depression and anxiety, loss and grief, legal and financial challenges, change and many more.

     -Work/Life information and referral services. RIESOLVE offers information, education and resources to help people achieve personal and professional goals and effectively handle life’s daily challenges.

We help people make informed decisions and direct people to resources in areas such as: caregiver support, grief, parenting and basic budgeting.

We also help people enhance their skills in: management, communication, conflict resolution and career growth.

Can my family use RIESOLVE’s EAP services?

Yes. You and your immediate family may use any of RIESOLVE’s EAP services.

Is RIESOLVE EAP confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality is a vital part of our program’s success. Your use of RIESOLVE’s EAP services will be treated confidentially in accordance with the ethics of the profession.

How much does RIESOLVE EAP cost?

EAP services are paid for by your employer so all of RIESOLVE’s services are free to you and your family.

Can my employer make me go to RIESOLVE EAP?

At times, employers will refer a person to RIESOLVE’S EAP to help address work performance issues. We can often help resolve issues that may be affecting your work performance.

How do I contact a RIESOLVE EAP professional if I need help?

To speak to a RIESOLVE professional, call 868-778-2851. You may also email us


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