EAP Counseling

Riesolve provides a safe, confidential and supportive place where you can openly share your personal thoughts, feelings and concerns.  You may seek assistance in relation to specific areas of concern in your life, such as personal tragedy or anxiety, grief and loss, struggles within your personal relationships and even relationships at work. In this process we assist you to gain insight, clarity and perspective.

Counselling focuses on personal, emotional and psychological well-being.

Our counselling is designed to help people find solutions using their own personal strengths. A key objective is to facilitate your personal development through insight into aspects of your life or behaviour that might be of concern to you, or that might be diminishing your chances of achieving what you hope or want for yourself, or those you care most about.


Resolve, Involve, Evolve  &  SOLVE...

Some of the common reasons that people come to Riesolve for EAP counselling include:

- Relationship difficulties.

- Extramarital affairs.

- Sexual dysfunction.

- Loss of intimacy.

- Illness, grief and loss.

- Life transition and adjustment issues.

- Personal growth and understanding.

- Addictive behaviours.

- Sexuality and sexual identity.

- Anxiety, stress or depression.

- Individuals or couples considering marriage.

- New parents facing change.

- Bringing up teenagers.

- Separation or divorce issues.

- Loneliness.

- Adjustment to stepfamily arrangements.

- Violence and abuse in the relationship.

- Workplace problems, retrenchment or retirement.

- Blended family issues.

- Caregiver issues.

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