Our Approach

We take the “person in environment” seriously and it’s through this philosophy we offer a range of services.

Because we have to remain competitive in the New York City market we continue to be involved in cutting edge trainings and exposure to organizations, clients and patients that demand a high level of commitment and expertise..

Our Mission

Resolving interpersonal and intrapersonal challenges through Involvement and Evolution.  We ‘RIESOLVE’ to take the journey with you or your organization to Solve the conflict one person at a time.

Our Vision

To bring a new vision and appreciation of mental and organizational health to the Caribbean.  Through de-stigmatization, we intend to make emotional wellness a way of life, making services available and common-place for every individual, team, and organization.

An old Chinese proverb says that if you want to correct the world, you must first correct the state; if you want to correct the state, you must first correct the family; if you want to correct the family, you must first correct yourself. Working at self-correction is of the first and perhaps only importance. By making one’s attitude correct, great changes in others’ attitudes are made possible.

Carol Anthony, A Guide to the I Ching


Resolve, Involve, Evolve  &  SOLVE...

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