Riesolve will work with your organization on the following aspects, to ensure that the EAP service we offer is relevant, integrated, effective, and follows best practice guidelines:

An organizational needs assessment both of the employees and the organization, is a vital part of program planning and development to determine the most appropriate form of service

A policy is developed to describe the EAP’s objectives, role, scope, and limitations

An implementation plan is devised. Implementation commonly includes:

     -Launch and promotion of the service

     -Promotional materials i.e. wallet cards, brochures, information, posters etc.

     -Information Briefing Sessions provided for staff and management

Procedures are developed arising out of the objectives and organizational needs. These will include addressing and clarifying aspects of the EAP service such as:

     -Confidentiality terms

     -Direct services such as Critical Incidence, Management consultancy etc

     -Evaluation terms

     -The appropriate role of the program relative to the organization's internal procedures such as occupational   health etc

     -The scope and limitation of the EAP services we provide

"You can only take a client where you have been."

As  professionals we are well grounded in the understanding and dynamics of personality, and have undergone extensive personal psychoanalysis.  Personal psychoanalysis is just as important as training for a clinician.  Did your therapist undergo psychoanalysis or are they willing to take you to a place they have never been?.  You can only know what it feels like to be a client or patient if you have been a client or patient yourself.

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